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Detoxifying Your Body From Trauma, Hopkins Medical Group
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“Specifically, certain circumstances that occur in childhood and adolescence can create pathways in our brain that, when left uncorrected, can manifest as heightened emotional and physical responses to everyday situations later in life.”

How Trauma Impacts Your Physical Health, Health Central
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“Trauma—especially early-life trauma—is linked to increased rates of anxiety, depression, suicide, and post-traumatic stress disorder. But that’s not all. Trauma, if not managed, can also impact your physical health—even years after it’s occurred.”

Understanding the Toxicity of Trauma, Divine Elements Naturopathic Wellness
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“While trauma is one of the primary contributors of toxic overload in the body, this connection is often overlooked, misunderstood or understated. Trauma exists when any unresolved nervous system response stays in the body. What this means is that past, unhealed trauma makes us more susceptible to future nervous system dysfunction; our physical and emotional resilience is directly tied to our self care and a devotion to healing.”

Adverse Childhood Experiences And Trauma Informed Care: The Future Of Healthcare, NIH
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“Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are related to short- and long-term negative physical and mental health consequences among children and adults. Studies of the last three decades on ACEs and traumatic stress have emphasized their impact and the importance of preventing and addressing trauma across all service systems utilizing universal systemic approaches.”

Five Long-Term Effects of Emotional Trauma, Institute For Advanced Psychiatry
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“When your brain is hijacked by emotional trauma, it can lead to cognitive issues, such as problems with memory and focus (concentration). In extreme cases, people are unable to function at school or work because of their inability to focus on the tasks at hand.”

Indigo Healings
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“When we experience physical trauma, our bodies take a toll. We experience aches, pains, visible and describable symptoms. Many people don’t realize that emotional trauma can create physical issues, as well. Long lasting symptoms, too, if not addressed. Whether it is physical or emotional, a shock to the natural order of your body’s healing system can result in interference and disruption with your overall health.”


“Although humans rarely die from trauma, if we do not resolve it, our lives can be severely diminished by its effects. Some people have even described this situation as a “living death.”


Trauma is a distorting, low vibrational energy that can create blockages and imbalances, for years, decades, all your life possibly, which unless you address it and process it you will not be able to experience healing at a deep level.

When people go through traumatic experiences, oftentimes they can hit frequencies, 100 hertz, or even above, we even had something like 200 hertz registered. That is one of the criteria for trauma encoding.

How is trauma different from stress? When you experience stress, your body enters an alarm phase. In normal circumstances, you eventually recover and get back to your baseline, or possibly even grow stronger and more resilient.

But with trauma, you experience the event so intensely that you are unable to go through all the steps needed to recover.

Trauma can actually change how your DNA is packaged, and thus how your genes are expressed, so it would stand to reason that working to heal trauma, and reclaim agency over your well being will also impact your genetic expression – allowing your parasympathetic system to create space for healing.

“Trauma is stored as Vibration.”

When an event occurs that your brain perceives as unsafe enough to fully experience and integrate, the energy and information of that event is translated into vibration, which is then stored in your physical body and the energetic field around your body.

What's included in the course?

In no way do we presume the content in this program is a complete approach to trauma – that deep healing obviously happens over time, and you may need individual and / or professional guidance.

What we do know is that:

  1. By curating the leaders and lectures on this topic, we can provide you with a powerful and meaningful starting point.  
  2. Given that we are vibrational energetic beings, working with short meditations and frequencies (mp3s) on a daily basis, over time, can help release the energy of trauma.

You ALSO Get These UNIQUE Frequencies (MP3s) For Trauma Release

These unique audios (mp3s), specially created by Lloyd Burrell, consist of layered frequencies. On each audio there are multiple layers including some proprietary frequencies to promote healing.


I’m so glad that I made time for the Best of the Best program….. Primed by what I was learning, I took some immediate steps to better handle the added stress and maintain my vitality. Aside from providing me with valuable doses of concentrated wisdom from a variety of health experts, this program trained me, with Lloyd as my cheerleader, to make my health a priority on a daily basis.
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