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How To Create Health & Healing in Your Life with Shungite


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Why Are So Many People Raving About Shungite Secrets?

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Jim Straker
Jim Straker Verified Purchase
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I have been aware of and using shungite for many years. This program covered so much more than I had been able to assemble before. It was presented in an informative manner that was not sales driven. Knowing all of the aspects covered over the few days will give everyone very credible and useable ideas for health improvement for self, family and community. Thank you Lloyd and your band of knowledge possessors
John Rodriguez Verified Purchase
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Never knew that shungite could be so invigorating and helpful in so many ways. I really took off on it when i first learned about it not too long ago, and now thanks to your course, I'm all in!! Thank You
Judi Schulz Verified Purchase
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Excellent course, full of knowledge and varying perspectives. All the bonus interviews took the course to the next level. Introducing simple solutions that I have not come across in my own research. Thank you for making this life changing information all available in one place! J.S.
MaryJane Hansen
MaryJane Hansen Verified Purchase
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I've been putting shungite in my water for years, as well as gridding my home with it. Loved hearing more about the "why" and from those who've researched the science.
Tim Driedger
Tim Driedger Verified Purchase
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It was great watching/listening to the interviews, especially Regina! I had read her book a while ago and it re-enforced the learning as well as getting to know the author. Lloyd as always presents the information in an easy to understand form! I will continue to use and expand my use of Shungite!
Jayne Gilmore Verified Purchase
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Thank you Lloyd for the Shungite information that you put together:) Really enjoyed finding out about this powerful stone and all its healing properties. I haven't been able to purchase any yet but will do as soon as I can. It is good to have the knowledge as to what we can do to protect and strengthen ourselves in this technological world in which we live!
Debra Nehs Verified Purchase
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Finally! I had so many shungite questions before watching the modules in this course. I've had ALL my questions answered, and learned so many things I didn't even realize I needed to know! So glad I can watch as many times as I like, so I can absorb and internalize all the info. Thanks for making the course so easy, interesting, and AFFORDABLE.
Linda Anderson Verified Purchase
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Wow! The most comprehensive webinar on Shungite I have had the pleasure to attend! I have loved Shungite from the start many years ago, and I love it more now! Thank you and Blessings and Gratitude :) Linda
Deborah Landowne Verified Purchase
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Nice little course! Loved that the videos were mostly shorter sessions. Made it easy to watch. The class is packed full of useful information. Thank you Lloyd!
Sandra Bayne Verified Purchase
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Lloyd has done a great job breaking down the myths surrounding Shungite and clarifying the special qualities it does possess as a means of supporting one's health and wellbeing. I enjoyed the practical tips for working with crystals to enhance mind, body and spirit. Fascinating!
Tricia Lorie Verified Purchase
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If the mineral kingdom had a superhero for these times on planet Earth, it would be shungite. I so enjoyed Lloyd Burrell's interview style which is light-hearted and fun, loaded with clear and concise information. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to further discoveries and adventures with shungite. You've gotten me hooked!
Shelley Koehl Verified Purchase
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So grateful you have this course. Loved learning the many magical healing properties of Shungite. One of my favorite stones.
Patricia White
Patricia White Verified Purchase
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I truly appreciated this course! Information and interviews were outstanding! I fell in love with Shungite and now own an elite piece to set by my computer, Shungite pendant and a Shungite bracelet. I also have pieces to put in my water and am making a point of drinking Shungite water. I have bought Shungite for my family members as well and have been sharing my enthusiasm for Shungite with them. Thank you for a great course! Patricia White
The Science-Backed Healing Powers of Shungite

Shungite has been used in Russian healing therapies since the time of Tsar Peter the Great. According to numerous studies, some of which are peer-reviewed [1], and anecdotal evidence, shungite offers an extensive list of potential health benefits.

High blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory tract infection, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis, and faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy

Any of this sound familiar?

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If it does and you are already experiencing one or more of these symptoms then you have probably consulted a regular doctor, an allopathic doctor.

And if you have, then he, or she, has probably prescribed ‘medicine’, and they’ve probably prescribed it on multiple occasions, that’s to say pharmaceuticals.

But then at some point you’ve probably said to yourself ‘is swallowing all these chemicals healthy?’

‘Isn’t there a more natural solution?’

If it does and you are already experiencing one or more of these symptoms then you have probably consulted a regular doctor, an allopathic doctor.

And if you have, then he, or she, has probably prescribed ‘medicine’, and they’ve probably prescribed it on multiple occasions, that’s to say pharmaceuticals.

But then at some point you’ve probably said to yourself ‘is swallowing all these chemicals healthy?’

‘Isn’t there a more natural solution?’

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Our Toxic World

The truth is most of us are exposed to more toxins than we can even begin to imagine.

And this is not a new thing…Toxicity has been viewed as a health risk since the time of ancient Egypt.[2]

The Roman Empire is believed by some to have been brought down by leaded water pipes and lead vessels used for cooking and drinking.

But it’s getting worse, much worse.

According to Harvard University research, there are more than 85,000 chemicals in the US that make up the products in our daily lives. [3][4]

It can be shocking to realize it, but nearly all of the chemicals in our cosmetics, clothing, furniture, electronics, construction materials etc. have NOT been tested.

AND to make matters worse, a growing body of scientific evidence shows that even the smallest dose of some chemicals can be harmful.

These toxins can:

All of which lays the foundation for….. disease.

EMFs – The Invisible Toxin

We can’t talk about toxins without talking about man-made electromagnetic fields.

I learned this lesson the hard way.

Back in 2002, in a matter of a few short days I developed multiple debilitating symptoms.

Day long blinding headaches, chronic fatigue, brain fog, sensitivity to light, prickly, tingling skin.

All this came on, literally out of the blue one day when I answered my cell phone.

Within a very short time, the pain became so intense that I could no longer use my cell phone, and before long I was reacting to my computer, the TV, the radio in my car and even my regular corded landline telephone. And these initial symptoms spiraled into longer term chronic symptoms, including leaky gut and body-wide aches and pains.

It took me nearly 10 years to get my health back-on track, many others are not so lucky.

Our Electromagnetic World

Few people realize it but we are all bathed in a sea of electromagnetic fields.

The exposure is 24/7, and this man-made electromagnetic soup is getting increasingly dense.

And the problem is not just cell phones….EMF sources include:

The bigger ‘problem’ is that all the above is toxic.

Or to be more precise we have decades of peer reviewed studies which show adverse biological effects from these man-made electromagnetic fields.

That’s to say they damage your body at the cellular level including cell membrane damage, DNA damage, hormonal disruption, stem cell damage.[5]

And for many of us, this damage is 24/7 unrelenting, growing at an alarming rate and cumulative.
But more importantly it’s what these exposures do. They are linked to a variety of different symptoms and a long list of serious diseases, including cancer.

The Answer Is Simple?

So the answer is simple I need to ‘detox’?

Unfortunately the answer is not that simple. Yes, you probably do need to detox, and if you are experiencing symptoms around cell phones, WiFi and other devices which emit man-made electromagnetic fields, I highly encourage you to explore detox (preferably with a qualified healthcare professional) and to do rigorous EMF mitigation (the stuff I’ve been talking about on-line for the last 15 years or so).

But toxicity per se isn’t the problem. The real problem is what toxins do at the energetic level.
Let me explain…

Your Biofield

The latest research, from some of the most respected institutions is now confirming what ancient civilizations have long-since known, that we all have a personal energy field.

It was once called the aura, but some 30 years ago the term ‘biofield’ was proposed and adopted at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). [6]

And it’s not just people, all living things have a biofield.

Your biofield is a field of energy that surrounds and permeates your body.

This biofield can be measured and is a very important governor of your health.

That’s to say if your biofield is weak and compromised, your health will be weak and compromised.

What this means is that you are first and foremost an ‘energetic being’, and your physical health is a consequence of your energetic health… The health of your biofield.

The implications of this for your health are profound. It suggests is that your health ‘problems’ are actually ‘energetic problems’.

That being so, doesn’t it make sense to address an ‘energetic problem’ with an ‘energetic solution’?

Lifestyle strategies like eating the right foods, regular exercise, yoga and meditation, all of that is a step in the right direction. But, it’s when you mitigate your ‘energetic toxic load’ that you will enhance your biofield which will boost your natural immunity and lead to a significant improvement in your body’s self-healing ability.

Of course there are many energetic solutions out there, and I’ve shared quite a few with my community. But one that I’ve only really touched on so far is shungite…

Ancient Civilizations

Ancient civilizations like the Mayans, Sumerians, and Chinese have long known about the healing powers of stones and crystals. This knowledge probably came from observing that people enjoyed improved health and wellbeing in locations where certain stones were found.

In ancient Egypt precious and semi-precious stones, known as gemstones, were used to balance the body of both humans and animals and it was believed that burying people with certain stones and treasures would help them in the afterlife.

These early civilizations used stones for healing in different ways, in ceremonies or rituals, in powders and elixirs, by wearing them or carrying them on the body.

Electrical Qualities Of Crystals

The electrical qualities of certain crystals are beyond question. The piezoelectric effect, for instance, the effect of striking a crystal and having it generate electricity, is commonly used in quartz clocks. These piezo electric properties of quartz are widely used for many industrial applications such as microchips for computers and in gas lighters.

Not surprisingly there is a direct physiological effect from being in proximity to certain crystals.

These effects can be profound when a crystal encounters like-frequencies, a phenomenon scientists call “resonance”.

Dr. Michael Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine talks about the human body being composed of living crystals.

Electric Body Electric Health

Other research has shown that our bones, the densest part of your physical being, are actually piezoelectric crystalline structures that make electricity (in the form of light) when they are compressed or stretched.

But not only our bones, virtually all the tissues in the human body, including the cell membrane, myelin sheath, and components of the cytoskeleton have crystalline structures This observation is backed up by numerous studies. [7]

There are probably several mechanisms at play, a piezoelectric effect, and a resonance effect, a kind of energy transference between the crystal that you bring in proximity to your body and the crystalline structure of your cells.

Dr Michael Gerber calls it an amplification effect, he refers to how crystals can amplify your ‘life force’ energy.

On a cellular level, crystals can affect the metabolism of your cells, tissues and organs by stimulating electromagnetically metabolic exchanges inside and on the cell membranes.

On an energetic level, crystals can be used to stimulate the energy flows of your meridians and the chakras.

So where does shungite fit into all this?

Shungite Is Not A Crystal

Strictly speaking, shungite is not a crystal, because it doesn’t have any crystallinity, the atoms or molecules are arranged in a structural order comprising a crystal lattice. Shungite is better defined as a mineraloid.

There is also some controversy surrounding the origins of shungite, there are those that say its essentially formed from a meteorite crash, other experts say that it is formed from the earths crust.

But there is a wide consensus that shungite can only be found in Russia and that there are different qualities of shungite, which are determined by the degree of carbon.

What makes shungite so special is its unique molecular composition and structure. It contains almost the entire periodic table of elements and it contains fullerenes, which are essentially molecular hexagons and pentagons bound together into hollow cages.

Of all the different crystals, minerals and stones which you can use for healing, shungite offers the most fertile ground.

Shungite & The Magic Bullet

Let’s be 100% clear at the outset here. I’ve been researching electromagnetic fields and health for over 20 years and I can say, categorically, shungite is NOT some magic bullet that is going to instantly solve all your ‘health problems’. The truth is, there is no magic bullet.

And anyone that says there is, you want to really question their motivations. However, shungite offers an impressive list of potential health benefits, some of which are backed up by peer-reviewed science. 

Let’s explore that a little more…

Shungite For EMF Protection?

Can shungite really be used to counteract the effects of cell phone radiation, WiFi, dirty electricity and other electronic devices and appliances? Can it be used for EMF protection? This is the million dollar question.

The internet is rife with ‘so called’ experts weighing in. I’ve interviewed some of the foremost experts on this topic, including Judy Hall, Regina Martino and Nancy Hopkins to bring clarity to this question. What is clear is that shungite has some powerful healing properties.

The Science-Backed Healing Properties of Shungite

According to numerous studies, some of which are peer-reviewed [1], and anecdotal evidence, shungite offers an extensive list of potential health benefits.

High blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory tract infection, osteoarthritis, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis, and faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy

The person who has done the best job of collating all of this science and anecdotal evidence is Regina Martino…

My Pilgrimage To The World’s Foremost Expert On Shungite

Regina Martino

I recently had the immense pleasure of interviewing world shungite expert, Regina Martino, at her boutique La Roche Mère in Paris.

Regina Martino is a geobiologist and bioenergy expert specializing in stones & crystals and author of Shungite: Protection, Healing & Detoxification.

What if You Could Harness The Power of Shungite in Your Life?

Now you can! My latest mini-course Shungite Secrets: How To Create Health & Healing in Your Life with Shungite over the course of 5 modules (15 Videos + Audio MP3s + Transcripts + 2 powerful eGuides + 3 Bonus Shungite Videos + 2 Bonus Shungite Audio Interviews + 2 Bonus Audio Snippets) offers simply the most complete resource currently available on this subject crammed with dozens of practical tips.

Shungite Secrets: How To Create Health & Healing in Your Life with Shungite

5 Complete Modules
(15 Videos + Audio MP3s + Transcripts)


50% Savings ends June 29th, 2024 , don't miss out!



Shungite Secrets opened my eyes to the incredible world of Shungite and its many benefits. I learned so much, from how it can improve the body's biofield to its many uses , such as in enhancing water for health benefits, EMF protection, and boosting personal energy levels…. Lloyd does a fantastic job guiding the discussions. He brings clarity and enthusiasm to every conversation. After taking this course, I am more convinced than ever about the power of Shungite. I would love to visit Regina's shop in person someday. If you want to expand your knowledge about Shungite or simply find natural tools to improve your wellbeing, I highly recommend checking out this course.
Jill Haas

What’s included in the course?


Module 1: Discovering Shungite

In this module we explore:

[00:12] What is shungite?
[00:43] Rarest form of shungite—elite shungite.
[02:00] The chemical composition of shungite.
[03:00] How to not confuse shungite with anthracite.
[05:26] Scientists discover that shungite contains fullerenes.
[08:28] Spirulina, the grandmother of shungite.
[10:43] How shungite creates an ‘emanation of movement and the radiation of waves’.


Module 2: Beneficial Health Effects of Shungite -
The Science

In this module we explore:

[00:27] Russian research on beneficial health effects of shungite.
[01:33] Shungite is known for the ‘electromagnetic field effect on the body’.
[02:00] Regina’s energetic tests with shungite.
[03:05] 2 main ways of using shungite.
[04:35] How EMFs impact us first at an energetic level and then create symptoms.
[05:18] Why many people don’t feel the effects of EMFs.
[06:58] ***How shungite energetically recenters you***
[10:35] How shungite changes the quality of EMFs
[11:56] Shungite acts as an adaptogen—Professor Andrievsky’s work


Module 3: Personal and Practical Applications

In this module we explore:

[00:57] How different shapes of shungite can be used in different ways.
[01:36] How the shape of shungite changes how it works.
[01:58] The best way to use shungite for geopathic stress.
[02:20] How to use shungite with a WiFi modem router [size and shape].
[03:10] How to use shungite in your bedroom.
[05:59] How to use shungite with a smart meter.
[07:30] How to use shungite with your cell phone.
[09:15] How to use shungite in your car.
[09:34] 2 easy ways to use shungite for personal use.
[10:46] Self evaluation – becoming energy conscious.


Module 4: Shungite and H₂O

In this module we explore:

[00:34] The best form of shungite to use with water and why
[00:55] How [the right shungite] can absorb ‘impurities’ AND provide an ‘energetic correction’
[01:35] How the ‘energetic correction’ is infinite but the ‘physical effect’ diminishes over time
[02:21] The recommended quantity of shungite required per 1 liter of water
[03:16] Shungite can have a powerful detox/purification effect
[03:51] Best practices for drinking shungite water
[04:42] How to counteract the adverse effects of your water filtration unit with shungite
[06:26] Using shungite with wine, fruit & flowers
[07:39] Tips for taking a shungite bath


Module 5: Taking It To The Next Level With Shungite

In this module we explore:

[00:32] How you can & should use shungite with other stones
[02:10] Regina’s preferred stone to use with shungite
[03:00] The recommended crystal/stone combo to promote sleep
[03:57] Shungite—the ultimate vital energy enhancer?
[05:56] Shungite to counteract the effects of cosmic rays and jet lag travel tips
[10:43] How shungite can help you meditate
[11:53] We can program energy, can we program shungite?
[12:23] How shungite teaches us to collaborate with the world
[13:07] How all stones and crystals have a ‘frequency signature’

You also get these bonuses…

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This has been a wonderfully comprehensive course with a great deal of information about shungite, which I have been intrigued about for a very long time. The price of the program was very reasonable given how much I learned. I am excited to experience shungite first hand and am waiting patiently for my order to arrive . ​​Have really enjoyed this program! thank you, Elehna
Elehna de Sousa

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This mini-course is absolutely not intended to ‘treat’ any disease or condition. Having said that, using crystals and minerals to promote healing is one of the simplest and most powerful, not to mention oldest, healing modalities. What science is now revealing is the ‘how’ this is possible, which we cover in this mini-course specifically with regard to shungite. To explain this very simply, every cell, tissue and organ has an optimum frequency. Toxins, including man-made electromagnetic fields, can prevent us being at our optimum frequency (otherwise known as coherence). And shungite, when used correctly is particularly effective at enabling us to regain coherence, and our health, even in the presence of EMFs.

A: The content is designed to be consumed over 5 days, it’s designed to be an easy and fun experience. Then the results you will achieve will accrue over the days , weeks, months and years to come. The results can be powerful – a reduction in symptoms around EMFs is very possible, and not uncommon. But the results you experience will depend on how effectively you are able to apply what’s in the daily presentations in the program.

A: Absolutely! This is about taking your health to the next level with shungite. The information contained in this course is esoteric in nature, but it’s very much a ‘hands-on’ approach. So you will come away with little-known knowledge, but more importantly you will come away with how to use shungite effectively in your life to promote health and healing.

A: This is not an ‘EMF course’. If you have symptoms around EMFs then you need to start by methodically reducing your EMF exposures. If you are interested in our programs to help you do that please email  Having said that, shungite has many applications for EMF sensitive people. It can, when used correctly, be used to make the EMFs emitted by certain devices (cell phones, WiFi etc) more biocompatible. Secondly shungite can be used on the body, to harmonize. Thirdly when used in water it promotes detoxification effect. These are just some of the ways that shungite can be used, which we explore in this mini-course. 

A: The good thing with this mini-course is that if you don’t have time to follow the 5 day program right now, is that when you buy it you get lifetime access. So if you want to do that and then go back and listen to the presentations when you have more time, you can do that. Plus, the mini-course is backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee, you have zero risk, everything to gain and nothing to lose.

A: No, when you register you will receive an email a day to walk you through the program, but you can get started whenever it’s convenient for you and take things totally at your own pace. So however busy you are right now you’ll be able to progress through the program at your own speed. If that’s starting now and taking 5-days, or starting in a few weeks and taking a few weeks, that’s fine. By gaining access to the mini-course today, you get access at the discounted price but you have the flexibility to progress through it in a way which is comfortable and enjoyable for your situation. Your access to the mini-course is permanent and does not expire.

A: First, there are absolutely no “catches” or hidden charges whatsoever – providing you purchase it during the promo period, $49 is what you’ll pay. (PLEASE NOTE: if you live in a part of the world where sales taxes are applicable then that will be calculated and added on the checkout page, so you will know exactly the total cost BEFORE you pay.)Secondly, yes I intentionally made this course affordable so I can get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

A: Firstly, shungite is not ONLY about ‘EMF protection’. But if you are an absolute picture of health and you’re not interested in using stones and crystals to promote health, then you probably won’t be motivated to do the course… in which case it’s probably better to let this one pass.

A: As little or as much as you want. The daily content varies, but I’ve purposely kept the modules very succinct. There are at least 2 learning videos everyday (also provided in mp3 and transcript form), plus my daily overview video. Total daily content duration is between 15 to 20 minutes. Then there are 9 bonuses (plus a secret bonus) two of the bonus interviews last about an hour. But you can do the bonuses whenever you want. So this is all very flexible.

A: What the science tells us is that, stones and crystals have a real physiological effect on the body. This is backed up by the findings of bioenergetic practitioners like Regina Martino, who have observed that shungite works at the energetic level even on ‘non-believers’. Having said that, if you strongly ‘don’t believe’ in the healing powers of shungite, this could work against you….a kind of nocebo effect. You don’t have to ‘believe’ but I do recommend being ‘open’ to the healing power of shungite.









Harness the power of Shungite!

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