Tools you can apply IMMEDIATELY to level up your physical and spiritual well-being.


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Why Are So Many People Raving About My Mini-Courses?

Customer Reviews

Valerie Jarvis Verified Purchase
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I am thoroughly enjoying the speakers. It is inspiring to hear that some of them had their own health challenges and overcame them with the health tools that they have used and chose to share them to help others. Such a reasonable price for valuable information!

~ Valerie
Ariadna Ochrymovych
Ariadna Ochrymovych Verified Purchase
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I love this course.Lots of great information and tips on healing supplements & body/mind connection from experts !!. Marisol was lovely , castor oil is fantastic . The frequency music/sounds are very relaxing and healing. Really Helped when I was quite exposed one day to EMF. THank you !

~ Ariadna
Tony Dixon Verified Purchase
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At first, I thought I may have made a mistake as it seems the contributors were pushing their products but I realised there is truly valuable information in each module. I find it easier to download the transcripts and read them alongside listening to the module…. The reference to the south korean doctor is a godsend and I will include reference to it in a talk I am giving this weekend. I walk barefoot in my garden every day but never realised the total benefit. The talks tend to be quite long and I find that playing them at 1.25 speed whilst reading the transcripts is helpful. Lloyd, I commend what you are doing and refer friends to your web-site.

~ Tony
Judith F Verified Purchase
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This course was a wonderful learning experience. Lloyd makes it easy to follow and understand.

~ Judith
Annick Debruyne
Annick Debruyne Verified Purchase
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This healing program is helping me take my health into my own hands. Thank you for bringing me into my power!

~ Annick
Rochelle Vogt Verified Purchase
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Just when I thought I was doing everything already, Lloyd helps me streamline an approach with the most effective protocols to simplify my life. From a sensitive that is always seeking the best tools to survive in this upside down and toxic world, thank you for being a devoted pursuer of truth on the healing path.

~ Rochelle
Deborah Zenisek Verified Purchase
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I’m glad I bought the program because my schedule did not allow me to watch the videos live. I did enjoy the videos I have watched and got valuable information from all of them.

~ Deborah
Julie Calderwood Verified Purchase
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I am learning so much that makes sense and slowly putting this together in understanding my EMF sensitivity. Lloyd has gathered experts around the world who assist us in gaining knowledge of this confusing challenge. I greatly appreciate this course!

~ Julie
Wendy Wallis Verified Purchase
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The Frequency As A Tool For Detoxification Mini-Course is broken down into daily modules preventing information overload. Easy to follow along with the daily email reminders or at your own pace as you move forward in your journey to detoxifying and healing your body.

~ Wendy
Aurora Spuhler Verified Purchase
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I don't know how you do it Lloyd but you but you have a gift to find the best healers, giving them a platform to bring their gifts for all of us to benefit. The Detox series are one of your best and I'm already feeling better…. I love my castor oil packages and my new supplements! Thank you again for helping to change people's life!

~ Aurora
Annick Debruyne Verified Purchase
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Great course! Highly recommended!

~ Annick
Ging Perez
Ging Perez Verified Purchase
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This amazing course is life-changing! I'm very grateful for the transformative benefits. Thank you, Lloyd, for this exceptional program.

~ Ging

What’s included in the course?

In this interview we talk about the technology of joy, and specifically:

  • the role of joy in dealing with ‘dis-ease’
  • the link between joy, spirituality and wellness
  • the role of meditation in well-being and what tools can help meditation
  • best tools for sensitives/electrically sensitive


In this interview you’ll discover:

  • how we all have a natural ability to transform energy—Martine explains how we can do this
  • how when you take care of the energy within you become more resilient to EMFs
  • Martine’s top tips for minimizing the effects of computer EMFs



(Use coupon code DETOX101)

Sale ends April 18th, 2024 , don't miss out!


There are 4 major causes of toxic congestion that are often overlooked:

Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity is the accumulation of metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium inside the bones, heart, nerves, brain, and even inside cells. Dangerous metals, even in low amounts, are found in the food we eat, medicine, and pollution. This blocks lymph flow when the toxins become concentrated.


An active ingredient in Roundup, a herbicide to eliminate weeds. When farmers use this on crops,  it gets into our food supply and can cause a whole host of health issues. Some foods that often contain high levels of glyphosate are almonds, carrots, quinoa, soy products, vegetable oil, corn and corn oil, canola seeds, beets and sweet potatoes.

Lyme, viruses, and pathogens
These are some of the worst types of slow and congested lymph flow. The pathogens cause the lymph drainage system to slow down. It can also allow diseases to form in tissues.
EMF Toxicity
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a world authority on EMFs and toxicity—has stated that EMFs increase excretions from affecting yeast and fungal balance by FIVE TIMES.

“I actually use different bioenergetic modalities to facilitate detoxification and to repair the damage caused by EMFs to the body’s energy field. So that’s definitely a big part of the conversation I have with people. EMFs play a huge role in interfering with our body’s natural communications systems, which happen in this invisible energy field around our body.” ~ Wendy Myers, ND”

Any of the following sound familiar?

If you are experiencing any of the above, or any dis-ease or condition for that matter, there are various different approaches which can be adopted:

CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH:  You go and see a ‘medical doctor’ who’s job essentially consists of prescribing pharmaceuticals which effectively dull your pain (and often they are effective at doing this) without really getting to the bottom of what might be causing your pain. Gradually overtime you find yourself on a concoction of medication which can be quite TOXIC and produce a concerning number of side effects.

NATUROPATHIC/FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH: Naturopathy and FM are different in many respects, but both these approaches focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of whatever might be causing your symptoms AND both these approaches acknowledge the importance of DETOX.

Addressing the root cause of your symptoms and detox are important but all these approaches overlook something very fundamental about the human experience……

We are creator beings, we have the ability to create vibrant health and vitality, and that’s what Salutogenisis is about.

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To answer that question lets look at what some of the world’s leading minds have to say about this. Starting with the ‘father of salutogenesis’, Aaron Antonovsky PhD, who in his 1979 book, Health, Stress and Coping, posts that:

“Life experiences help shape one’s sense of coherence (a global orientation); life is understood as more or less comprehensible, meaningful and manageable. A strong sense of coherence helps one mobilise resources to cope with stressors and manage tension successfully.

~ Aaron Antonovsky PhD

Other definitions explain it as being a process that supports health…..

“Salutogenesis is an approach to human health focusing on factors that support the maintenance of one’s physical and mental health, and well-being, distinct from pathogenesis, the process in which a disease develops, progresses and maintains as well as the chain of events that lead to the disease. Salutogenic leads to health.”

~ Dr. Marcus Chacos

Others equate salutogenesis with health promotion….

“A salutogenic concept of health…. aims to empower people and populations to better regulate and manage their health and well-being. The focus of health promotion concentrates on the mechanism of stress management and staying well, thereby having a positive impact on mental health.”

~ Paul Hoang

What’s liberating and important with salutogenesis is that it helps us shift our focus away from disease…..


So it should come as no surprise that so much research has been devoted to this subject for the last 40 years. Pubmed lists literally thousands of research studies, exploring every aspect of salutogenesis…


The medical science, for the last 100 years, has largely been ‘Pathogenic Science’, its been focused on suffering and disease. Which means our medical system is focused on suffering and disease…disease management.

To have a wonderful experience in this life, you need to go higher, and move beyond disease and toxins and detox even… you need to actually INSPIRE well being….which is where my vision of salutogenesis fits in….

Salutogenesis is about what CREATES health.

I’ve scoured lectures from hundreds of global leaders – to curate an exclusive group of the most important, powerful presentations, information, eGuides, meditations and other resources, to create a NEW mini-course, based on this NEW approach.

In my new mini-course, you will find six powerful modules that walk you through ideas, wisdom, and actual EXERCISES you can integrate into your life to ENJOY and have FUN with, as you call in a peaceful, powerful and purposeful experience of life.

This program offers a valuable perspective on purpose and a powerful, deep dive into tools you can use to elevate your experience of life and create a powerful journey into the law of attraction to create wellness - instead of preventing disease.


(Use coupon code DETOX101)

“Detoxification: What does that mean? We use specific high-energy binders that not only bind toxins, but they also provide the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and organic material to repair your body.” ~ Todd Watts, D.C., PSC.D., and Co-Founder of CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas”


Discover tools you can apply IMMEDIATELY to level up your physical and spiritual well-being.

Here are just a few of over a dozen advanced strategies, exercises and demonstrations:

(Use coupon code DETOX101)

Sale ends April 18th, 2024 , don't miss out!


(Use coupon code DETOX101)

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.

“If you feel something ‘uncomfortable’ during the demonstration, it is common to have a detox experience and release it. That could be emotional detox; it could be physical detox; all kinds of things that you may have been trying to release become unblocked during a real healing. Nothing gets suppressed - it all comes up and moves out.” ~ Debora Wayne

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This mini-course is absolutely not intended to ‘treat’ any disease or condition. It’s about in-spiring health. The prevailing narrative around health depicts health and life as a sort of battlefield where your foe is whatever dis-ease you may be experiencing and therefore your task is to eradicate that which is troubling you. But health is NOT about doing battle. It’s a process of CREATION……we are creator beings. The Salutogenesis Mini-Course is about embracing this new vision for health and offers a panoply of practical tools and strategies to do just that.

A: Your natural state of being is to CREATE health, but in today’s world this process can become compromised. This mini-course is designed to kick-start that process. The content is designed to be consumed over 6 days. The modules are kept purposely short, you can do them in about an hour a day. Then it’s a question of applying what you’ve learned. As a minimum I recommend listening to the Self Love meditation daily for at least 7 days. Of source, the results you experience will depend on how effectively you are able to apply what’s in the expert presentations in the program.

A: This is not an ‘EMF course’. If you have symptoms around EMFs then you need to start by methodically reducing your EMF exposures. If you are interested in our programs to help you do that please email But if you have ‘EMF sensitivity’ once you have addressed the EMF question then salutogenesis—the CREATION of health—is ABSOLUTELY where your focus should be. The Salutogenesis Mini-Course is the perfect complement to EMF mitigation.

A: The good thing with this mini-course is that if you don’t have time to follow the 6 day program right now you can put the program on pause at any time. So if you want to do that and then go back and do the modules when you have more time, you can do that. Plus, the mini-course is backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee, you have zero risk, everything to gain and nothing to lose.

A: No, when you register you will receive an email a day to walk you through the program, but you can get started whenever it’s convenient for you and take things totally at your own pace. So however busy you are right now you’ll be able to progress through the program at your own speed. If that’s starting now and taking 6-days, or starting in a few weeks and taking a few weeks, that’s fine. By gaining access to the mini-course today, you get access at the discounted price but you have the flexibility to progress through it in a way which is comfortable and enjoyable for your situation. Your access to the mini-course is permanent and does not expire.

A: First, there are absolutely no “catches” or hidden charges whatsoever – providing you purchase it during the promo period, $39 is exactly what you’ll pay. (Please note: if you live in a part of the world where sales taxes are applicable that will be automatically added to the price.) Secondly, yes I intentionally made this course affordable so I can get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

A: As little or as much as you want. The daily content varies between presentations of about 30 minutes and 1 hour. The longest daily video is 1 hour 16 minutes long. But if you prefer to just do the Self Love meditation initially, that will take literally 6 minutes a day.

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." ~ Albert Einstein.

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