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Use Vibrational Healing & Energy To TRANSFORM Your Life

A Private, Exclusive Mentorship with Lloyd Burrell

Assessment, Protection, Detoxification, Energetic Protocols, Expert Q&As & Much More

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My pioneering Mentorship program includes:

Make no mistake, in today’s censored world, you cannot even find some of this information anywhere online.

We focus on key areas, which are often missed or inadequately covered by other programs - if you can even find it on other programs:

In the monthly trainings you get to ask your questions to me, LIVE (or you can send them in).

Each of these trainings is action-oriented and designed to create a shift and engender true TRANSFORMATION in your life.

What People Are Saying


Lloyd is authentic and genuine. He provides a wealth of information that he himself has practiced with proven results. He shares with his heart to help others grow and improve their wellbeing. A pleasure and delight to listen to the monthly presentation and additional materials.
~ Margie K


Lloyd Burrell has been my “go-to” source for all things electric, electromagnetic, EMF and vibrational for over a decade…. The many-splendored features Lloyd offers in the Mentorship program are contributing to my growth in awareness, and not just knowledge. The presentation is so personal it feels like private mentoring…. helping me to round out my intensive program of self-care.

~ S Nahari

Get These 8 Welcome Bonuses When You Join Us Today


5G eGuide: Protect Yourself from EMFs, 5G, Cell Phones (and more)

5G is the latest “communication highway” coming at us from all directions, from millions of short cell towers that are being placed near our homes and schools and over 100,000 satellites that will beam radiation down from space. This short but POWERFUL eGuide is about understanding the risks and how to minimize them.




It’s time to look toward more progressive, complementary and alternative medicine. There are a variety of different approaches for healing pain or illness without the use of drugs but rather by using energy, which are backed up by science. Discover 3 simple but powerful ways you too can start healing yourself with vibration.




Discover disruptive and important insights on the gut-brain connection and the effects it has on your body – and your mind – and how it can impact your overall health and well-being – and if supported, actually raise your consciousness.

World renowned health leader, Dr. Tom O’Bryan – and global expert on EMFs, Lloyd Burrell, offer powerful insights and tips for every-day health and wellness strategies.
Finding enlightenment within yourself

  • 5 steps for improving your microbiome
  • One hour a week to create REAL change.
  • Understanding leaky brain
  • All it takes is a little consciousness
  • Parasympathetic vs sympathetic
  • This is not to be missed!



Lloyd Burrell interviews Master Mingtong Gu – discussing the ancient chinese practice of Qigong and it’s powerful, time-tested and proven mental and physical healing techniques.



Long Term EMF Protection: Start Feeling Better Today eBook

Electromagnetic Fields are linked to premature aging, memory loss, inflammation and cancer. In this 90 page eBook learn about the many devices we all use which emit dangerous EMFs and discover dozens of practical personal EMF solutions and how to quickly and easily identify and mitigate EMF hotspots in your home and workplace.



Avoid, Prevent, Protect

An exchange of information surrounding EMF protection, based on an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola. Detailed information about NAD, Nrf2, along with various ways to protect yourself from the unseen, unheard, invisible EMFs – Tips, tools, and suggestions for self-healing from the negative effects from EMF exposure.

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The Power of Light

Lloyd Burrell interviews Ari Whitten about the many layers of light and the significance that each layer has, as well as the impact that each layer has on the human body – focusing heavily on the importance of red and near-infrared light and the benefits that it offers.



Power of Intention

Lloyd Burrell and Lynne McTaggart have an exciting discussion of healing through the power of intention. In this rivoting interview Lynne shares the facts and science behind the experiments she and her team conducted which would eventually turn into the “The Power of Eight.”

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This Mentorship offers you personal TRANSFORMATION ― you get to work with me every month, learn my newest information and insights on navigating a world FILLED with toxic technology, get insights and pathways to detoxifying your body, your home, family, as well as explorations on energetic and environmental toxicants, and the most advanced healing pathways we use every day to navigate it all.

Standard Monthly Subscription

$ 99      per month
  • Twice monthly exclusive LIVE 'Mentorship with Lloyd' sessions + LIVE Audience Q&A
  • Just $99.95/month
  • Immediate access to 15 existing Mentorship modules + Bonuses
  • FULL & Unlimited Access To EMF Membership +200 interviews
  • Immediate access to 15 existing Mentorship modules + Bonuses
  • Regular guided monthly meditations (audio/mp3s)
  • Full recordings provided for all LIVE sessions
  • Full transcripts provided for all LIVE sessions
  • ALL Exciting Future Enhancements To Mentorship included FREE

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  • Twice monthly exclusive LIVE 'Mentorship with Lloyd' sessions + LIVE Audience Q&A
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  • Immediate access to 15 existing Mentorship modules + Bonuses
  • 12 months FULL & Unlimited Access To EMF Membership +200 interviews
  • Immediate access to 15 existing Mentorship modules + Bonuses
  • Regular guided monthly meditations (audio/mp3s)
  • Full recordings provided for all LIVE sessions
  • Full transcripts provided for all LIVE sessions
  • ALL Exciting Future Enhancements To Mentorship included FREE
  • 12 months future access to Mentorship live sessions ($1199 Value)
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Standard Monthly Subscription

$ 99
     per month
  • Twice monthly exclusive LIVE 'Mentorship with Lloyd' sessions + LIVE Audience Q&A
  • Just $99.95/month
  • Immediate access to 27 existing Mentorship modules + Bonuses
  • FULL & Unlimited Access To EMF Membership +200 interviews
  • Regular guided monthly meditations (audio/mp3s)
  • Full recordings provided for all LIVE sessions
  • Full transcripts provided for all LIVE sessions
  • ALL Exciting Future Enhancements To Mentorship included FREE

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What People Are Saying


Lloyd is a calm voice in a storm of overwhelming information to consistently distill… his Q&As reveal the heart of a patient co-traveler/teacher in the journey to wellness and peace of mind. Highly recommend this labor of love infused with peaceful prospectives and actionable steps given to ensure a better life, a safer life, and a healthier life for you and people you care about. 

~ Brenda


Thank you for putting everything so simple and giving all these easy-to-follow steps…. I tried making a few small changes in my environment – well,I have to say it worked out quite well. And what is most important – I finally not only know what is wrong, but I am also learning how to deal with it 🙂

~ Svetlana


Lloyd’s work has directly impacted my own life. His work is thoroughly grounded in science and his determination to help others to navigate this EMF soup we have created for ourselves deserves the highest respect and admiration.

~ Garrett L. Smith NMD CSCS BS


Thanks a bunch Lloyd and thank you for sharing everything you have learned. I have been on a quest to find the truth in all things. The information you have is great. Keep up the good work and thanks again!

~ Joshua


I wish to express my extreme thankfulness to Lloyd for all that he has done, and continues to do, to help so many people. Because of what I had gone through for years, I cried the first time I saw Lloyd’s website and realized that I wasn’t alone, and that many people like myself were getting help. Lloyd’s website, live interviews, and initial package have helped me, and I am doing somewhat better. I am so grateful for the incredible forum that has been created. And I recognize that nothing is more beautiful in life than to give one’s life’s energy for others courageously in a creative, new and very needed form. Thank you Lloyd. You are a true brother to so many.

~ David


This mentorship has really opened my eyes and made me so much more aware of how bad EMFs/5G is towards our health and wellbeing and I have made so many helpful changes and educated those that were uninformed.

~ Kelley


It has been quite a journey , overcoming electrosensitivity and I am most grateful for the information that has been provided…For awhile I wasn’t sure if i would make it , survival was like treading water . However information gleaned from Electricsense gave continued glimmers of hope , that one day one could feel normal again without having to live somewhere remote away from family and friends….Life is Good , so many thanks to Lloyd and his team at Electricsense.

~ Julie

Frequently Asked Questions

A:  Even if you have bought absolutely everything I have ever created, and listened to every single interview I have ever given, I can guarantee this program will take you places you’ve not been. This program sets out to offer real transformation, obviously the degree to which you achieve this depends on the time and effort you put in. 

A: As a minimum I advise you attend the once a month live session, or watch the replay. That usually lasts about an hour and a half depending on the number of questions. Beyond that, it really depends on what your objectives are. The online resource contains already 26 modules and you have full access to the 200+ EMF Experts Solutions Club, plus a second EMF live Q&A session, so this a very comprehensive resource which you can use as little or as much as you like.

A: Whilst this is not a dedicated EMF program it is very much a program for sensitives…people who are sensitive to energy per se, not just EMFs. It offers 2 very complete modules on EMF protection, plus you can pick my brains during the bi-monthly live Q&A sessions. It also offers two mp3 frequency downloads, one to neutralize cell phone radiation, and another to neutralize WiFi radiation. The extent to which this program will help you will depend on your commitment to it.

A: At the beginning of every month there is a live teaching session with Q&A, plus, mid-month, a separate live Q&A. All this is then available in video, audio, or transcript form, if you are not able to attend the live sessions. BUT the core modality in this program is daily meditations (audio MP3s). However these are very short (often just 5 or 6 minutes) mainly guided meditations, sometimes frequency based music meditations. You don’t have to be a trained mediator to benefit, but you do need to be open to exploring this healing modality. If you really feel short meditations are not your thing, perhaps this program is not for you.

A: 2 things come to mind:

  1. The sheer scope of the program – I’ve created a comprehensive program which enables you to explore and tap into your unlimited potential and benefit from a panoply of simple but powerful tools to help you achieve this.
  2. On-going guidance and support – every month, we meet twice a month. We explore a different facet of energetic health, and you get your questions answered directly by attending the Q&A, or you send your questions in before so I can answer them during the session.

A: There are plenty of poor quality programs out there. I think we’ve all bought things that have “promised the earth” and then found to be “all show and no go” of no real value. So I don’t blame you if you’re skeptical.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Go to the order page, watch the 4-minute video at the top, then scroll down and watch the 30 minute video where I lay out what exactly you get.
  2. Remember you have a money-back guarantee – so if you think I’ve misled you about just how valuable this program is, you send one email, and we will give you a full refund.

A: You can download the resources on each module page, so that’s audio (mp3s) and written transcripts (PDFs) format, or video (mp4s). You can listen to them in the car, in the shower, or while you are cooking. Or if you prefer downloading transcripts, you can go through the parts of the interviews you are the most interested in, and print them out if you want to read them on paper.

A: It depends where you are on your healing journey, if you are seeking deep transformation this will likely take some time, several months at the least. If you are symptomatic around EMFs and/or sensitive to energy generally you can expect to see some noticeable improvement within the first month.

A: There isn’t a specific module on this but I have created a downloadable mp3 to neutralize directed energy weapons that use RF microwave radiation. The other modules in the program will help you heal energetically and build resilience.

A: There’s a good chance your mind is telling you this based on past experience. This is a very different program from others. Only you know what’s right for you, but if you give up on yourself then nothing will work. If you get nothing else from my email to you today, know this: believe in yourself. From this, you will make better decisions in your life, about your health, your relationships. Everything will flow.

If you have an additional question not covered click reply and I’ll be happy to get back to you personally.