EMF Interview With
Brian Humrich Ph.D.

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Brian Humrich PhD
Brian Humrich

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Listen to my interview with Brian Humrich and discover:

  • The best 3 EMF meters to measure each of the 4 categories of radiation, and get reliable readings on your smart devices, 5G, electricity, etc.
  • How your body is an antenna, and how you can measure the quantity of electricity your body is attracting and is surging, and reduce this vibration in your body
  • The typical worst 3 offenders in your home, which can raise EMF levels thousands of times higher than they would otherwise be
  • How to ground your home and your appliances to reduce dangerous electric field exposures
  • 2 ways to create a safe EMF sanctuary (one is FREE), and why you should always get baseline measurements before doing anything
  • A little known way to reduce the magnetic fields coming from the power lines surrounding your home
  • 3 ways to deal with wireless (RF radiation) exposures in your neighborhood
  • How Brian uses special clothing to limit his body’s exposure to radiation when going into a high EMF environment

Information on BONUS interview: Holland Frankilin is a Feng Shui consultant and former bodywork therapist. Through her work she addresses traditional Feng Shui, energetic balance, geopathic stress, EMFs, and water quality through using Structured Water devices. In addition, she teaches clients how to test their homes, energetically, for themselves, using a combination of both energetic testing and conventional EMF meters.

Listen to my interview with Holland Franklin and discover:

  • The science behind structured water and how, when introduced on to a property, it can support you and maintain your health and well-being
  • How, when Holland introduced structured water into her home, her nervous system relaxed within about an hour and her electrosensitivity subsided
  • How showering in structured water can ‘dissolve’ the effects of EMFs
  • The top 3 energy tools (other than structured water) Holland recommends for almost everyone for dealing with EMFs and similar energies
  • How Holland measures the spin of energy in people and places to assess coherence—derived from Nikola Tesla’s research in the 19th C
  • How you can measure your own spin—Holland shares a free resource which explains how you can do this
  • How there are a lot of energy tools that Holland will NOT use because they often create more ‘noise’
  • How subtle energy fields accompany electromagnetic fields in an environment—its these subtle fields which are a big determinant of the impact of the EMFs
  • How one lady’s Lupus symptoms almost instantly disappeared when Holland (unbeknown to the lady in question) plugged in her energy device
  • The common trait that Holland and everyone who is dealing with EMF symptoms successfully has (including me) and which you need to develop
  • How the ‘social nervous system’ is particularly affected by WIFI—which might explain the growing anxiety issues many young people are experiencing

Digital Option

Immediate Downloadable Access
$ 9.95
  • MP3 recording of Brian Humrich interview to download now
  • Full 27 page transcript to download now
  • Bonus: interview with Holland Franklin (mp3 and transcript) to download now
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