EMF Interview With
Ann Louise Gittleman


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Ann Louise Gittleman

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Listen to my interview with Ann Louise Gittleman and discover:

  • Why, now more than ever, ‘immunity is everything’ – the 5 vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help build you up to be a ‘formidable fortress’  
  • The ‘magical stone’ that Ann Louise uses to enhance her biofield – an important way to protect yourself from EMFs
  • How to use a salt based solution to purify your food and ‘kill’ the vibrational forces of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and mold
  • 3 foods that promote cellular rejuvenation and restoration, and particularly stem cell rejuvenation 
  • 8 dangerous toxins present in our everyday environment, and 3 functional tools to assists your body’s natural detox process 
  • A five-day radical reset program for detox – acts on your weight, skin, mood, and hormones
  • How to naturally reverse hair loss using amino acids 
  • 6 things that can help bones, muscles, and joints repair 
  • How to find nice and healthy alternatives to sugar, which is a really damaging toxin 

Information on BONUS interview: Lyn Patrick is a naturopathic doctor with 35 years experience in private practice. She is the author of numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

She speaks internationally on various topics, including environmental medicine, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, endocrine disruption, and metal toxicology. She’s currently a faculty for the Metabolic Medicine Institute Fellowship in collaboration with the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and a member of the board of directors of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine.

In this BONUS interview with Lyn discover:

  • the four toxic metals you MUST get tested for—this is a standard (approx $60) medical test that can be done by just about every lab in the world
  • how if you live in a home that’s built before 1978 you’re at risk of being lead exposed (from 2 sources)—how high doses of just one vitamin can allow the body to excrete it naturally
  • how environmental medicine is being used to successfully treat people with electrical hyper sensitivity in clinics in the US
  • why some people become EMF-sensitive and some don’t
  • how studies on the blood of people who are sensitive has identified indicators—we call them indicators because they’re not diagnostics—but they indicate a certain type of damage in people who are EMF sensitive
  • how our detox systems are are overwhelmed and undernourished and what vitamins and minerals we need to boost them
  • how deficiency of one major antioxidant is being a lot of modern ‘diseases’ including EMF sensitivity
  • how the 5G rollout in Dallas has caused a significant increase in the number of EMF sensitivity cases being reported (information shared by Dr. Lyn’s colleague in Texas)
  • how people with high levels of toxic metals in the body are the people that are the (EMF) sickest—and the single biggest contributor to this intoxication
  • how water from a very deep well can critically expose you to another toxic metal
  • how anti-oxidant supplementation can effectively combat free-radical damage caused by EMFs (the metal toxicity needs to be dealt with also)
  • note: all these issues will be covered in detail during the EMF conference

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Immediate Downloadable Access
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  • MP3 recording of Ann Louise Gittleman interview to download now
  • Full 33 page transcript to download now
  • Bonus: interview with Lyn Patrick (mp3 and transcript) to download now
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