EMF Interview With EMF Pioneer
Lyn McLean

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Lyn McLean

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Lyn McLean has been helping people understand and reduce their electromagnetic exposures for over 25 years and has participated in the major developments in Australia over this time. She is the author of four books on electromagnetic radiation, co-author of the paper Measurement and Analysis of Power Frequency Magnetic Fields in Residences, and has published regular newsletters since 1996. She established and ran the EMR Association of Australia and is founder and director of EMR Australia PL which has been running since 2003. Listen to my interview with Lyn McLean and discover:
  • How magnetic field dangers are being forgotten – Lyn’s own research (published) suggests that many homes have high magnetic fields on their electrical wiring – linked to cancer
  • Lyn’s recommended EMF meter for measuring electric and magnetic fields
  • How the Acoustimeter can help you identify the specific directions RF radiation is coming at you
  • How the new fiber-optic is causing very high EMF exposures for some people – particularly if you live in a rural area
  • How to best protect yourself from external EMF exposures without having to spend thousands of dollars in shielding materials
  • Why shielding your home should NOT be your first EMF protection step – it can often make your situation worse
  • The number one EMF thing you should look for BEFORE moving into a new home
  • How to best reduce your personal exposure to 5G radiation
  • How this technology we have become reliant on is no longer sustainable or tolerable for our health, but why there is reason for hope

Information on BONUS interview: Oram Miller, is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist based in Los Angeles. He provides on-site and long-distance healthy home and office EMF evaluations for clients throughout Southern California and the world who have electromagnetic sensitivities, as well as those who want a healthier home or office. He also writes extensively on the health hazards of EMFs, and provides healthy home lectures.

Listen to my interview with Oram Miller and learn:

  • how a new, 3rd generation of Wi-Fi is going to be using very high ‘5G frequencies’
  • a free resource that Oram has created which has links to the coverage maps for the top four cellular carriers in the United States
  • how there is more to 5G than the MMW that everyone focuses on
  • the levels of exposure that are considered ‘safe’ or of no concern for RFs (exposure from cell phones, WiFi etc.)
  • a free resource that enables you to simply and easily convert between all the different confusing limits for RF exposure
  • the particular sound that a 4G cell tower emits that can be easily identified with a good EMF meter and a free on-line resource that enables you to compare different RFs from cell towers, radar etc.
  • how data (according to inside sources) is being constantly harvested from your phone
  • the 4 main cell phone carriers in the US and the new frequencies they are adopting for 5G
  • the one question you need to ask if you want to best measure and protect yourself from 5G
  • the best way to protect yourself from 5G in your home (and notably the beam formed signal that appears to be the most harmful)
  • the 2 materials Oram commonly uses and recommends to shield a room
  • 3 ways to shield your windows when shielding and how to best choose your window film
  • Oram’s top tips for people who are symptomatic round EMFs

Digital Access

Immediate Downloadable Access
$ 9.95
  • MP3 recording of Lyn McLean interview to download now
  • Full 24 page transcript to download now
  • Bonus: interview with Oram Miller (mp3 and transcript) to download now
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