Frequency As A Tool For Detoxification: Opening Your Healing Pathways

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What’s included in the course?

  • Learn the 4 toxic metals you MUST get tested for—this is a standard (approx $60) medical test that can be done by just about every lab in the world
  • Find out how if you live in a home that’s built before 1978 you’re at risk of being lead exposed (from 2 sources)—how high doses of just one vitamin can allow the body to excrete it naturally
  • Deep dive on how environmental medicine is being used to successfully treat people with electrical hypersensitivity in clinics in the US
  • Discover why some people become EMF-sensitive and some don’t
  • Learn how detoxification, drainage and supporting your lymphatic system are essential to keep your physical body healthy and resilient.
  • Explore 4 natural, herbal remedies for detoxification and drainage as well
  • 5 concrete steps to improve your lymphatic health (getting back to fundamentals!).
  • Discover a newly discovered network under your skin called the interstitium, vitally important for lymphatic health and to support your immune system.
  • 5-Minute Healing Audio MP3 (From world renowned transformational sound healing expert, Mark Romero)
  • Lymphatic Movement Video (Tabatha Burrell)
  • Energize & Align: A 1-Minute Flow Demo for Coherence
  • And the Ultimate EMF Protection Checklist
AND a VIP Workbook to support your progress!

Frequency as a Tool for Detoxification: Opening Your Healing Pathways


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Sale ends January 7th, 2024 , don't miss out!


Why Are So Many People Raving About My Mini-Courses?

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Vashael Andersonn Verified Purchase
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“...the ‘Ultimate’ EMF go-to….”

Lloyd is by far the "Ultimate " EMF go-to for all the most researched EMF information and affordable fixes ... we are grateful to have him on our team!

David Godfrey Verified Purchase
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“An excellent introduction providing a clear concise understanding of the subject matter….”

An excellent introduction providing a clear concise understanding of the subject matter. Thank you Lloyd. DG

Graeme Dinnen
Graeme Dinnen Verified Purchase
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“More please as I now feel as though my soul is on fire!”

That was something else! I listened to the talks several times over, bought the recommended books and visited the website of the speakers. Outstanding and timely information. More please as I now feel as though my soul is on fire!

Margie Kiesel
Margie Kiesel Verified Purchase
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“... a masterful mini-course…”

Lloyd offers a masterful mini-course by leveraging a unique blend of science and intuition. He is genuine and authentic, and teaches from the heart. Each session is thoughtfully presented to maximize the knowledge shared in the most efficient and effective manner.

“To everyone who uses a mobile phone, laptop, smart watch, wireless router, and many other electronic devices—here is the education on detoxification I wish I had 21 years ago. — Lloyd Burrell”

There are 4 major causes of toxic congestion that are often overlooked:

Heavy Metals

Heavy metal toxicity is the accumulation of metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, and cadmium inside the bones, heart, nerves, brain, and even inside cells. Dangerous metals, even in low amounts, are found in the food we eat, medicine, and pollution. This blocks lymph flow when the toxins become concentrated.


An active ingredient in Roundup, a herbicide to eliminate weeds. When farmers use this on crops,  it gets into our food supply and can cause a whole host of health issues. Some foods that often contain high levels of glyphosate are almonds, carrots, quinoa, soy products, vegetable oil, corn and corn oil, canola seeds, beets and sweet potatoes.

Lyme, viruses, and pathogens
These are some of the worst types of slow and congested lymph flow. The pathogens cause the lymph drainage system to slow down. It can also allow diseases to form in tissues.
EMF Toxicity
Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a world authority on EMFs and toxicity—has stated that EMFs increase excretions from affecting yeast and fungal balance by FIVE TIMES.

“I actually use different bioenergetic modalities to facilitate detoxification and to repair the damage caused by EMFs to the body’s energy field. So that’s definitely a big part of the conversation I have with people. EMFs play a huge role in interfering with our body’s natural communications systems, which happen in this invisible energy field around our body.” ~ Wendy Myers, ND”

All of this often means congestion, congestion, congestion – and toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and cellular waste STAY in the body and can contribute to issues like:

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“The most dangerous pollution affecting you is the invisible sea of EMFs your body swims in daily.” ~ Dr. Joe Mercola”

Learn from our experts.

(Use coupon code DETOX101)

“Detoxification: What does that mean? We use specific high-energy binders that not only bind toxins, but they also provide the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and organic material to repair your body.” ~ Todd Watts, D.C., PSC.D., and Co-Founder of CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas”

Discover proven strategies to use frequency as a tool for detoxification and open your healing pathways. Learn what you can, and should, do NOW.

What you’ll really take from this course…

(Use coupon code DETOX101)

You ALSO Get The Free-Kwency Detoxer

The Free-Kwency Detoxer is a unique audio (mp3), specially created by Lloyd Burrell. It’s a 7 minute musical audio created with embedded frequencies that promotes heavy metal detox and gentle detox by helping to open the detox pathways.

Sale ends January 7th, 2024 , don't miss out!


(Use coupon code DETOX101)

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied for any reason, you can get a full refund within 30 days – no questions asked.

“If you feel something ‘uncomfortable’ during the demonstration, it is common to have a detox experience and release it. That could be emotional detox; it could be physical detox; all kinds of things that you may have been trying to release become unblocked during a real healing. Nothing gets suppressed - it all comes up and moves out.” ~ Debora Wayne

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This mini-course is absolutely not intended to ‘treat’ any disease or condition. Having said that, using frequencies to promote detox is one of the simplest and most powerful healing modalities. What science is now telling us is that it’s our frequency that determines our health. Every cell, tissue and organ has an optimum frequency. And toxins, including EMFs, can prevent us being at our optimum frequency (otherwise known as coherence). Just as frequencies like man-made EMFs can detract from health, frequencies can also promote health (think of the frequencies of nature) and promote detox. This mini-course is a unique frequency based approach to detox.

A: Your body is always detoxing, but this normal body process can become compromised. This mini-course is designed to kick-start that process. The content is designed to be consumed over 7 days, and I recommend listening to the Free-Kwency Detoxer daily for at least 30 days. If you follow these recommendations the results can be powerful – a reduction in symptoms around EMFs is very possible. But the results you experience will depend on how effectively you are able to apply what’s in the expert presentations in the program.

A: The Free-Kwency Detoxer is a unique audio (mp3), specially created by Lloyd Burrell. It’s a 7-minute musical audio created with embedded frequencies that promote heavy metal detox and gentle detox by helping to open the detox pathways. You may find similar music on Youtube, but with Lloyd’s recordings it’s not the music which is the most important part. It’s the frequencies Lloyd has embedded which are important.

A: This is not an ‘EMF course’. If you have symptoms around EMFs then you need to start by methodically reducing your EMF exposures. If you are interested in our programs to help you do that please email But if you have ‘EMF sensitivity’ that suggests that in fact you have a ‘toxin problem’ and that you need to detox – in my experience EMF mitigation has to go hand-in-hand with effective detox and this mini-course offers a simple but powerful way to promote detox in your body to promote healing.

A: The good thing with this mini-course is that if you don’t have time to follow the 7 day program you can benefit from this mini-course by listening to the Free-Kwency Detoxer literally a few minutes a day. So if you want to do that and then go back and listen to the presentations when you have more time, you can do that. Plus, the mini-course is backed by an ironclad 30-day guarantee, you have zero risk, everything to gain and nothing to lose.

A: No, when you register you will receive an email a day to walk you through the program, but you can get started whenever it’s convenient for you and take things totally at your own pace. So however busy you are right now you’ll be able to progress through the program at your own speed. If that’s starting now and taking 7-days, or starting in a few weeks and taking a few weeks, that’s fine. By gaining access to the mini-course today, you get access at the discounted price but you have the flexibility to progress through it in a way which is comfortable and enjoyable for your situation. Your access to the mini-course is permanent and does not expire.

A: First, there are absolutely no “catches” or hidden charges whatsoever – providing you purchase it during the promo period, $29 is exactly what you’ll pay. Secondly, yes I intentionally made this course affordable so I can get it into the hands of as many people as possible.

A: My Sound healing course and this course are really quite different. The Sound healing course is very much an exploration of the use of sound to heal. Where as the focus on this mini-course is promoting your body’s ability to detox. All the lectures and resources are designed to bring education and practical resources to help with that. 

A: As little or as much as you want. The daily content varies between presentations of about 30 minutes and 1 hour. The longest daily video is 1 hour 3 minutes long. But if you prefer to just listen to theFree-Kwency Detoxer initially, that will take literally 7 minutes a day.

“The Earth’s electrons clean up and neutralize the positively charged electrons, the inflammation-causing electrons, and help you to create balance within your personal electrical circuit.” ~ Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D.

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